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Southpaw Tactical

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The Interchangeable Muzzle System is produced so that the user can have a barrel length of 16.25” Overall Length and still be able to switch various muzzle devices (from flash suppressor to muzzle brake to a sound suppressor from Liberty Suppressors) as desired. The various parts of the I.M.S. are made of 4140 steel that’s been heat-treated to 40 Rockwell, with a black oxide finish (the exception to this is the muzzle brake attachment, which is made of Grade 5 titanium, with a black Ti hardcoat finish). The brake is coming soon. 

Our open 4-prong “base” muzzle attachment is a very effective flash suppressor. The use of factory ammunition will produce, at best, only a few sparks at the muzzle. This “base” unit can also act as a harmonic dampener when installed on a 14.5” barrel. The total weight of this unit is 42 oz., and the overall length of the unit is 2.9”, which means it will extend only 1.95” from the muzzle when installed.

The closed-end “birdcage” compensator suppresses flash enough for effective low-light shooting, and holds the front of the rifle down. The total weight of this unit is 1.7 oz., and its overall length of 2.46” means it will add only another .225” to the “base” unit from the muzzle when installed.

The Liberty sound suppressor is custom-made for this system. This “sealed” suppressor weighs 1 lb., 10.6 oz., should be shot “dry” ONLY, and is rated at 134 - 138 de 

  • THREAD: 14X1 left hand
  • WEIGHT: 5.9 OZ

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