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Tapco AK RAZR Flash Hider

Tapco AK RAZR Flash Hider


  • $ 2799

Here you go ladies,

AK RAZR Flash Hider

In the market for a new muzzle device? I bet you are... Tired of the endless parade of boring muzzle devices that all look the same? Of course you do...Do you want something that is functional but at the same time brings some intensity to your AK? Only if you love America... If you've been answering yes while reading this, then the INTRAFUSE® AK RAZR™ Muzzle Device is the one for you. This coated steel muzzle device is U.S. made and has four pronged tips shaped to penetrate wood, sheet-rock, and glass for any tactical situation. The device is designed to fit standard left hand threaded AK models and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.


  • Four heat threaded pronged tips
  • Length = 2.8125"
  • Fits standard 14 x 1 left hand threaded AK Models
  • Counts as 1 U.S. 922r Compliant Part (But who here really knows what that means)

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